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FCG Networks was a New Hampshire company providing professional web hosting and internet access services to local businesses.

At the time I came onboard in June of 2004, FCG's website was in need of someone who could fix the site's various problems and provide regular maintenance. To that end, my work on the site took form in two stages.

Stage 1 consisted of cleaning up and re-coding the existing site, preserving much of the site's layout while reducing the quantity of markup by a considerable amount. The then-current navigation scheme was left intact, as were all filenames.

Stage 2 consisted of a complete revamp of the site to coincide with the company's recently-shifted focus. This version utilizes PHP to generate elements that appear on multiple pages and to determine content for a few pages, and CSS to control the site's appearance. I was able to use elements of the Stage 1 version in the new site.

The site is now offline.

Screenshot of FCG Networks homepage, circa 2004