I have spent the past several years as a front-end web developer for School Specialty, helping to maintain several of the company’s websites. This has included migrating content from old versions of the sites to new versions, building new sections and pages, updating content as needed, and finding solutions to problems of how to organize and display content.

Delta Education (old version)

When I first started working for School Specialty, Inc’s science division, a major part of that work consisted of making changes and improvements to the website for one of the company’s subsidiaries, Delta Education. I made UI improvements to this site and overhauled the HTML and CSS for multiple sections—the site didn’t run on a CMS at the time—and eventually helped migrate the content to a new version of the site.

School Specialty Science

The School Specialty Science website was used for content that was not specific to any of the major divisions within School Specialty Science—Delta Education, CPO Science, or Frey Scientific. Primarily, it served as a home for NSTA and CAST event listings, as well as downloads relevant to those events.

In addition to HTML and CSS, the site originally had a lot of unnecessary ASP.NET code. I was able to reduce the “weight” of all of the pages by removing that code and using cleaner HTML and CSS, all while keeping the existing site design.

Technical issues beyond my control forced the migration of the site to a section of School Specialty’s main website in early 2018.

Delta Education (new version)

In 2015, we migrated the Delta Education site to the Kentico content management system. It was a lengthy process as most of the content had to be copied over manually, and even the data migrated on the ecommerce side had to be checked and, if necessary, cleaned up.

Check back soon for more about my work on the site.