Capstone Project: What’s New On My TV?

2012 | Strategy, Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

This was the the “Capstone” project for the Website Development program at Nashua Community College. I collaborated with another student, though I am currently only showing the sections that I developed.

The episode browser was my major code contribution. The pages for each show covered by the site have a box listing the episodes in the first season of the show in question. The tabs at the top of the box cause the episode list to change to a different season. Clicking on an episode title results in an “overlay” box containing basic information about that episode (title, season number, episode number, original airdate, and description) to appear. JavaScript is used to control the box’s visibility and to pass values to the PHP script controlling the box’s content. All of the episode information is stored in a MySQL database.

I also built the news page for the site.