Staples Soul

2007 | HTML, CSS

Through a staffing agency, I spent several months working at Staples, the world’s largest office supply retail store chain. One of my projects there was to make two copies of the corporate responsibility section of the company’s main website. The existing design had to be maintained, but I could only include the actual “Staples Soul” section of each page. The copies would appear on the company’s “Contract Division” website as parts of the “Staples National Advantage” (SNA) and “Staples Business Advantage” (SBA) services, each of which had their own header and main navigation.

Due to the complexity of the HTML and CSS used in the original version, I opted to recreate the design using cleaner and more standards-compliant HTML and CSS. I also updated and modified the SNA and SBA sites to match the slightly larger width of the Staples Soul content and added the appropriate links to the sites’ navigation. In the process, the opportunity was taken to update the content of the sites’ other pages, particularly with regard to corporate proofreading requirements.

Screenshot of Staples Soul content